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Seventh Heaven Landscaping has provided landscaping and design services in the state of Virginia since 1985. We have done a vast array of projects from large commercial developments to small quaint resdencial outdoor living spaces. We provide you with a full range of services from a tasteful and purposeful designs to professional project installation to on going long term maintenance. We work very hard to give you a service and product that you are completely satisfied with. We want to make you a customer for life and not provide our work as a one time service.

Our services are the best, without a doubt.a

NEW PRODUCTS UPDATE – In 2017 we created a new sister company , Seventh Heaven Farms. Since then we have been establishing our long term crops and expanding our seasonal offerings. We offer a wide variety of seasonal produce and fruit along with an ever expanding variety of cut flowers. We will be attending the Warrenton Farmers Market every Saturday from 8-12 April through November. We also offer wholesale products to stores and restaurants. Farm pick up is also available. Check out our Facebook page [Seventh Heaven Farms] for up to date info on farm offerings and activities.